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"Lotus (Bloom)"


Lotus (Bloom)


So you’ve just gotten through Toby’s exciting little theme for the events of the scratch called “Judgement day” and you notice there is one track remaining before “Cascade”.  That track is known as “Lotus (Bloom)” or as I like to call it, “The calm before the storm”.  It’s another delicious beatfox song and I think one of his best yet, taking the relatively somber and peaceful “Lotus” from the overwhelming volume 5, and expanding it into a grandiose symphony. 

The song starts simple enough, with a note to note copy of Lotus, however there is something different about it.  It sounds cleaner and more refined, the flute sounds a lot better and there is some added percussion as well.  However as soon as 1:41 hits, the song starts changing.  The flute is replaced by an oboe, and the song starts slowly transposing upwards, as if to give a hopeful feel to the listener, before exploding into a near fully orchestrated version, with the flute still taking center stage…and then it starts to descend, the hopeful feeling is replaced by unease and suspense as the flute slowly comes to a stop. 

I mentioned earlier that I call it “The call before the storm”, and I really believe its just that, the song is placed just before the big finale that is “Cascade” and the suspense that builds at the end is a perfect intro to that climax.  The Lotus is about to bloom after all…what lies inside?  Only one way to find out.

ah yes…one of my favourites from the album. 

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    this is such a good track *O* i remember hearing it for the first time and being totally blown away.
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